Most Important Digital Marketing Trends in Singapore at the Moment

We all know what happened with Nokia, Kodak and similar, large companies! They failed to move on and to progress while their rivals didn’t have this issue. For example, Nokia refused to move to Android, which had a catastrophic effect, as we know. The key element for staying in business is an advance in all aspects of the corresponding industry. But, without digital marketing, this is almost irrelevant, so we can deduce that digital marketing is equally important.

We also know about companies which made a huge success recently thanks to proper marketing. Some of them include Snapchat and world-known Pokemon franchise. What all of this suggests is that marketing, especially digital marketing is crucial for business success. Here we will relate to digital marketing trends in Singapore only, due to the fact this is truly interesting and extraordinary place.

Marketing trends change each year and in some cases even more frequently. We have analyzed and determined the most successful trends for marketing strategies in 2017 in Singapore specifically.

The first trend to follow: Content digital marketing

Every single marketing agency in Singapore knows and offers content marketing. A few years ago, content marketing was reserved for the United States and some companies, such as Coca-Cola and LinkedIn managed to become true champions of the trend. At that time, Singapore wasn’t so related to this trend.

In 2016, Hubspot, one of the best marketing companies began their operation in Singapore. They announced that within next 3 years, they will hire more than 150 employees and begin with advanced content marketing. That’s why we must deduce that this trend is the absolute leader in 2017 in Singapore. It will go in one direction only, it will be more and more popular.

Google and Facebook as advertising platforms in Singapore

It isn’t the secret that Google and Facebook are popular in Singapore. In a matter of fact, 80% of the population use Google, while 3.2 million use Facebook. As such, both of these platforms are crucial for proper marketing strategy in this country. Most of the local agencies prefer Facebook, due to the fact it offers more affordable rates, while Google has been increasing the prices constantly. On the other side, Google is more productive in certain situations.

The main goal, which is by now well-known in Singapore is to acquire new customers without spending more money than you should. Increasing RIO is crucial and thanks to the aforementioned platforms, this trend is going to blow in the near future. Note: These platforms use auction methods, so more advertisers, means higher bids.

Video-focused marketing

More than 48% of the population watch videos on their smartphones daily. If we add that Singapore has one of the best LTE networks in the world and most of the population prefer high-end smartphones, we can see one trend that will soon going to begin its life. As the name suggests, the trend will be based on videos. Platforms such are Facebook and of course, YouTube are ideal for this kind of advertisement, so they should be used the first.

A great fact is that in Singapore, most business owners and large companies still don’t invest in this kind of advertising. Apparently, this trend is still new and complicated, so it is commonly avoided. But, we know better. The highest internet speed in the country is 94 Mb/s and more than 10% of the total internet users became that between 2013 and 2014. This suggests that internet users will rise indefinitely. It also suggests that most of them will prefer videos rather than some annoying ads, texts or flashing advertisements. The bottom line is that video marketing has a huge potential, so it is one of the main trends for 2017.

Powerful consumers

Last year, a photo of a bride that wasn’t so ideal, became viral on social media in Singapore, with more than 13.000 shares. After that, it became viral across the globe. What we are trying to tell you is that consumers have a huge role in marketing. According to the survey, conducted by Hubspot, consumers will likely follow the guide of their friend or a fellow consumer rather than a salesperson. This is actually a trend to follow. It has been known for other parts of the globe, but now is crucial in Singapore as well.

Social media is a trend that will go in one direction only. You can assume which one! As such, in Singapore, none of the marketing strategies comes without social media advertising. Top leaders in this field are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc.

Transparent marketing

Once again, not so long ago, direct, exaggerated marketing seemed to be very effective in Singapore. But, in 2016, Peter Lim, a millionaire from this country filled a lawsuit against annoying ads which offered him an easy way to make money. After that, the local government decided to stop that and to force advertisers to use an adequate ads. Since then, the transparent trend in Singapore has been on the rise.

Transparent is one of the more popular ones, which includes direct sharing and direct surveys with consumers, without hidden agendas. The best example is the Domino’s Pizza. Their stocks were sold at $7.73 in 2009, but after transparent marketing campaign, they increased it to magnificent $105.11. Now, this trend began spreading globally, but due to large business market in the country, it is the absolute leader here!


All kinds of marketing are extremely successful in Singapore, but digital marketing is the absolute leader, due to the fact the local population is internet-focused. Following and using these trends will help you get so much more from your business and from your profit. Singapore is a huge market and one of the best places to spread the business. The only way to do it is to use digital marketing. Without it, most of your plans and marketing strategies will fail! Luckily now you know the secret recipe.

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